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5 Places Where You Can Find Transfer Essay Samples

Writing a transfer essay may very well play just as large of a role in the process of getting admitted into your dream school as your academic history. A transfer essay is meant to introduce yourself to a university or college that you wish to transfer to after completing classes at another school. Most students choose to spend some time studying at a local community college to get their bearings and learn more about their options before deciding on a university. When they do decide on which university they want to dedicate their studies to, it is common that a piece of writing must be supplied along with their academic documents. Here you will find some places in which you can find well-written transfer writing piece examples to help you get started.

College Xpress:

  • Website dedicated to assisting students in preparing themselves for college; tools for searching for colleges, scholarships, and more.
  • The “Explore Interests” tab will take you to a range of tools for students hopng to transfer or explore their options.
  • Readers will find a selection of transfer essay samples that will help them write their own piece
  • Samples are well written and strongly worded.
  • Other articles provided by the website talk about the do’s and dont’s of transfer essay writing and supply tips from experts.

  • About.com (College Apps)

  • A section of about.com dedicated to students, education, and college applications
  • Students can find information on what to write as well as what not to write in their transfer papers.
  • Samples of well written papers are provided.
  • Education.com

  • Samples of well-written transfer essays available to students
  • Tips on how to write an impressionable paper that will catch the attention of the school
  • Do’s and dont’s

  • Synonym.com

  • Provides students with tips on how to write a good transfer paper
  • Step by step instructions on how to construct a well-rounded and well-written piece
  • Selection of samples available

  • Transferweb.com

  • Samples of previously written pieces
  • Instructions on what to write as well as what not to write
  • Examples of what college admissions look for in a transfer essay

  • When composing your own transfer essay, it is important to make sure that you are getting all the necessary points and information across to the admissions personnel that will be reading the piece. The places named here are just a few that provide tips, solutions, and samples that can assist you in your writing process. If you are wondering if there is anything missing from your own piece, visit any of the sites listed here for some pointers and helpful information that can help you compose a piece that will assist you in getting into the college or university of your dreams.

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