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How To Start An Argumentative Essay: Eight Winning Suggestions

The chief characteristic of any argumentative essay is the writer’s persuasive skill. The writer should be able to successfully present his points in well organized format emphasizing his points. Before you embark your journey of writing, think for a few minutes and follow a proper writing plan for the topic. Justify your audience as why your thought process is more reasonable than the others.

Look at some of the winning suggestions that you should inculcate in your argumentative essay-

  1. Select the topic that is competent: You will stay secure and can strongly express your thinking by picking a strong side of the topic. Approach to the assigned topic with pros and cons in your mind and then think for your target audience. Collect enough facts, examples, statistics, quotations and interview matter and the expert opinion to support your details. Take the lead of the topic that is attention grabbing.
  2. Understand various facets of the data and never twist it: Club and organize your data meticulously and offer logical arguments for the same with supportive examples. Under no circumstances sway away from the relevancy of the subject as you are just a writer and not a subject expert. Offer background information with interesting beginning.
  3. Keep the data interesting and sound logical: Always stand in support for your subject no matter how faulty your topic under discussion is. Support your logics with pertinent examples.
  4. Fabricate a catchy title that is fascinating. Be in attacking mode even on word spells. For example “how much” is “certain”? Attack vague wording and be critical in your approach. A catchy title always grabs the audience.
  5. Planning: You are provided limited time say 30 minutes to write your essay, so spend proper time for planning i.e.5 minutes, 20 minutes for writing and organizing and rest of the 5 minutes for revision. In planning phase, fabricate your data, pick at least 3 points that you will discuss.
  6. Pick reputable writing sources with accurate and latest information: Take assistance of trustworthy textbooks and other materials that provide up to date information on the topic. Once you start your journey of writing, many thoughts start emerging your mind and you will be tempted to write a lot. Structure your thought process and pen them down immediately. State quotes.
  7. Writing conclusion: Restate your argumentative essay in a modified way and answer all the objections that could be raised by the readers.
  8. Revision: Never ignore this aspect. Revision is highly significant part of any writing. Proofreading makes you catch your own grammatical errors, spellings and missing words.

Ensure you use a variety of sentences, transitional words and phrases to keep your sentence structure interesting.

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