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Cubism is an art-related movement that started in the early 20th century. Pioneers of the movement were Georges Braque together with Pablo Picasso. They were later joined by many other individuals in furthering the movement. Cubism basically involved presenting an object from many viewpoints rather than just one point of view. It can be likened to breaking up an object and joining up two or three of each unique piece in different angles. After being started, the movement spread to most parts of the globe, making cubism quite a success. In this essay, the conception of the idea and the intentions behind the idea are discussed.

Conception of cubism

The first piece of work to use the concept of cubism was the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon painting, which was done by Pablo. This was within the first decade of the 20th century. Scholars of this movement feel that there had been four different phases of the movement. The first one, analytic cubism, lasted for two years ending in the year 1912. Then the other three phases were Synthetic Cubism, High Cubism, and Late Cubism. People who later joined the cubism movement suggested the inclusion of total abstraction in this idea. The pioneers of Cubism, Picasso and Braque disagreed with this suggestion. Therefore, a few artists made their art pieces quite abstract in addition to using the idea of cubism.

The intentions and interpretations of cubism

The two groups who first worked with idea of cubism in early times had different intentions, evidently due to the disagreements. Picasso, Braque and Gris strongly believed that any piece of work using the idea of cubism should be quite technical and derivatives of already existing work. On the other hand, Salon Cubists differed with this idea. They felt that an art piece did not have to be a derivative of any work. In some art pieces, sense of time and many points of view were portrayed. This was the idea of the former group. The latter group did not portray a distinction between different times such as past and present. They just gave a sense of fluidity through these times. In addition to paintings, cubism also involved the artistic field of sculpting. For instance, Picasso used this idea in his artistic sculpture called the Head of a Woman. This sculpture included skills such as depicting positive attributes on negative space.

Despite the differences among various artists on the features of cubism, its development improved the field of art.

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