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Fibromyalgia is a long-term chronic condition that causes pain all over the body especially in muscles. In addition to pain people suffering from fibromyalgia experience fatigue, increases sensitivity to pain, difficulty sleeping, mental process problems and headaches. Though the exact cause of fibromyalgia remains non-established, it is thought to result from certain chemical imbalances in the brain or the change of how central nervous system transmits pain messages around the body.

Fibromyalgia is also thought of as a hereditary disease, transmitted from parents to children through genes. In most cases, the condition is facilitated or triggered by a stressful event, either emotionally or physically like giving birth, an infection or injury, the demise of a loved one and the resolution of a relationship. Research has showed that the disease is more prevalent in women more than men. It mostly affects individuals of ages between 30 and 50.

Overview of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that is significantly characterised by diffuse tenderness, widespread pain and several other symptoms. Although most people associate fibromyalgia with arthritis, it is not exactly a disease of joints as it does not result in joints and muscle inflammation or damage.

But like arthritis, fibromyalgia can is considered a rheumatic condition and may result in significant fatigue and pain that in turn interfere with one’s daily activities. Also, it can impair the joints and other tissues causing chronic pain. Just like any other disease, fibromyalgia requires medical attention though there is no cure for the condition. Medication and a lot exercise can help manage fibromyalgia. Though the condition is difficult to treat, a combined effort between the doctor, therapist and the patient can help control the disease. The combined efforts of these experts can contribute to improving the quality of life of the person suffering from fibromyalgia. In addition, you can seek help from pain and rheumatology clinics. The pain clinics specialise in pain whereas the rheumatology clinics specialise in other rheumatic diseases. There are also several drugs that are approved to treat fibromyalgia.

Causes of fibromyalgia

The root cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown though many people associate it with repetitive injuries, traumatic event and others describe it as a disease that seems to occur spontaneously. The root cause of fibromyalgia is assumed to originate from the brain and the central nervous system. These two components are involved in transmissions of stimulus around the body and pain is one of the stimuli transmitted around the body.

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