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Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality has been a hot-button issue since the early 2000’s when the internet became a necessity across the board for any human being or business wanting to stay relevant in the new age of technology. As free as the internet might seem on the surface, it is a business worth billions and billions of dollars which ties corporations into complicated webs with governments and agendas that are never satisfied.

The Internet has brought the vast majority of civilization into an entirely new world full of possibilities which were never dreamed of in the past. Instant messaging, real-time video, and a massive amount of data accessible anytime and anywhere has changed the way we live on a daily basis; for better or for worse. Internet service providers, which have become incredibly powerful within the past fifteen years, have come under fire for attempting to regulate the speed and power with which certain functions can be performed on the internet. Most, if not all internet service providers have toyed or experimented with the idea of favoring certain internet functions over others via actual slowing of service or by trying to implement unique billing systems for sites deemed more or less important on the whole.

While the internet is still viewed as a new frontier for self-expression and creativity, the idea of censorship and hierarchy has inevitably crept in. For those who see the internet as an extension of freedom of the press and sharing the wealth of knowledge, the thought of the government or an internet service provider deciding whose data and content is important is cringe-worthy, and rightly so. That sort of thinking goes against everything the Internet was created to do, despite the sick and deadly actions it has motivated and realized.

It is difficult to make a case for freedom of expression when you consider the awful elements around the world who use the exposure which having an online presence affords and allows evil people to disseminate messages of hate and and inspire others to kill. However, to try to curb these elements under the guise of public safety or vague civic importance is naive. It is all about money and power, and making things even easier for companies and governments to continue making things easier for themselves. Big business and government have controlled and manipulated the masses for long enough; the Internet has enough perverts already.

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