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A List Of Great Personal Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College Students

A cause and effect essay is an essay that outlines a given action, event, and/or occurrence, and then shares what the aftermath of such would be. It outlines the effects, repercussions, benefits, rewards, and anything else that is the byproduct of the original events. Now, the difference between a regular cause and effect paper and a personal one is simple. The personal topic will be just that, personal, relating to your life, depicting something that happened in your life and the results of that occurrence. Below we have outlined some great personal cause and effect essay topics for college students.


  • C: You steal a laptop from the library.
  • E: Are you caught? Do you get away with it? What would the results of this kind of event possibly be?

  • C: You get the lead part in your favorite play.
  • E: Do you have to conquer stage fright? Do you forget your lines? Is it not all it cracked up to be? What changes after gaining the lead in your favorite plat.


  • C: You decide to attend community college to save money.
  • E: How does this benefit you? What is your life like now? What are some of the things that have changed since staying home for school?

  • C: You receive a full ride scholarship to a school in Alaska.
  • E: Do you accept? If so, how do you fair in the cold? What happens?


  • C: Your first love cheats on you.
  • E: What did this make you feel? What did you do? How was the aftermath?

  • C: Reaching your first one-year anniversary.
  • E: Where has the last year brought you? How has your life altered? A lot can change in a year, so share it with us.


  • C: Securing an internship at the State Capitol.
  • E: What does your work there do for you? How will this help you progress all around? What doors does this internship open for you, if any?

  • C: You are fired from your first real job.
  • E: How do you handle this? What are the next steps you take? Are there any repercussions—financial or other?

These topics may not be quite what you had in mind, but they can be a great starting place! Think about events of your life, and what you think would make for a strong paper.

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