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Writing Lessons: Does A Synthesis Essay Have A Conclusion?

Like every other well-constructed paper, a synthesis essay is also required to have a conclusion. This will make sure that your thesis statement, which you made at the beginning of your work, is reaffirmed. # gives various ways in which you can construct such a piece of writing, but including a conclusion at the end of your work is absolutely essential for any type.

    What is the purpose of a conclusion?

  • Logical flow: It makes sure that you bring together all the valid points that you have made in your work in one place. Your research and all your opinion will make no sense unless you state how they all relate to your initial thesis statement. This should be done at the end your work in the form of a conclusion. Otherwise, it will all seem like a jumbled up piece of writing with your own opinions.
  • Easy to understand: The whole point of your essay is to prove your initial thesis statement. Whether you are comparing two subjects, or proving a certain theory you have a particular thesis subject - a conclusion is the tool you should use to make it clear to the reader that all the things you have talked about in your dissertation’s body - relates to proving your theory.
  • How to include a conclusion

  • Syntax: One of the most commonly used ways of including a conclusion in any kind of piece of writing - is to begin your last paragraph with “In conclusion….” This way you can re-state all the points that you have discussed and tie it in nicely with your theory behind writing the paper.
  • Placement: The conclusion must always be the last paragraph on your paper. As the word suggests, it is the concluding lines of your dissertation, and it would make no sense to place it anywhere else in your work.
  • How to prepare a conclusion

  • Take notes: This is the best way to formulate a conclusion for your work. While you research and construct the rest of the paper, keep making note of all the major points that you are discussing. This way in the conclusion you can just piece all of them together to show how you have thus proved your theory.

It is important to include a conclusion in your synthesis essay to make your work clear, logical and easy to read. Without it, your work will seem incomplete.

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