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Basic Components Of A Good Five-Paragraph Essay About Distance Education

Five basic components should be followed if you want to write a good paper on distance education. Five basic components or essay are introduction, narration, affirmation, negation and conclusion. Writing a paper on distance education is not so difficult because we all aware of distance education. People of today have no extra time to pursue higher study independently. They have to earn their lively hood. With the help of distance education they continue their study and achieve higher degree. It helps to increase their scope of opportunity and go to higher level.

Introduction paragraph

Introduction is the first paragraph of the paper. So it should be written well and in an interesting manner. Readers will read the paper up to end if the introduction will be interesting. Otherwise, they lose interest to read the rest of the paper. You should write about basic information of distance education such as when it was started, who stared it etc.

You should include brief information of what you are going to present in rest of the body. By doing this you will provide clue to the readers and they will be aware of contents of the thesis.

Narration, affirmation and negation paragraph

After writing the introduction, you need to focus on middle part of the paper. These parts are narration, affirmation and negation. While writing the paper on distance education, students can combine these three parts or choose to write them separately. You can now include all information in detail or make use of all you know about the subject.

Distance education is a type of part-time education. Those who study through distance education do not have to attend classes. They have to go to university only to complete exam process. Throughout the year, they may study at home.

There is also provision of online teaching. If any students do not understand lesson then he can contact with authority. The authority will arrange online classes with expert faculty. You should give example of such distance education. There should be inclusion of advantages and disadvantages of distance education.

Concluding paragraph

Concluding paragraph is mainly written on the basis of entire paper and the writer’s own view. This is the summary of the other parts of the essay. You should write about influence of developed technology on distance education and how it has helped to make education easy. It is now getting stronger day by day. Modern mediums are being used such as animation, audio text, video, graphics etc..

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