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How To Write A Good Thesis Statement For An Essay: Free Examples

A thesis statement can be described as the main message, central idea or main point in your paper. It directs all the arguments that will be made in the paper. It also captures your position on the subject. This makes it a pivotal part of your academic work. It should be one or two sentences that capture the subject of your work and your position on the issue at hand. Beyond keeping you focused during compilation, it summarizes to the reader what the paper is all about.

Here are simple tips to help you come up with the best thesis statement.

  1. Identify the type of paper you are writing
  2. There are different types of papers based on the instructions given by the supervisor. They include:

    • An explanatory paper - expounds on an idea, a process, procedure or event.
    • Argumentative - it is used to justify a claim or position. The claim could be a proposal, evaluation, opinion or cause-effect assertion. It provides evidence to support the claim made and convince the reader that the assertion made is true.
    • Analytical paper - it seeks to dismantle an idea or issue into individual parts for easy understanding. The breakdown is presented to the reader for the purpose of understanding.

    The category in which the paper you are writing falls must be clearly captured the thesis statement.

  3. Make the statement specific
  4. Each field of study has numerous branches and sub-branches. Narrow down your area of study to a particular branch and pick one subject from the category. This gives you the focus needed during research. Restricting your area of study helps you to delve deeper and produce a quality paper. A wide area tires you with unnecessary research meaning that you will write about many subjects but with a shallow perspective.

  5. Put it in the first paragraph
  6. The first paragraph lays the foundation for your work. It should be used to make a statement about the content of your paper. This calls for a definite and firm thesis statement at the beginning of the paper. The reader should not search for your position deeper into the essay.

  7. Consider changing if necessary
  8. Research provides new information that may lead to change of perspective. Do not be afraid of changing if the new information does not support the original statement. A revision ensures that the thesis statement reflects what is contained in the body.

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