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A List Of Winning Descriptive Essay Topics For 8th Grade

You may struggle a little bit whenever you are assigned a descriptive essay to write but the topic is not given. What to write about in your essay? - you may wonder. In fact, Myhomeworkdone.com provides several topics you could pick and this variety may cause confusion. Below, we list a few outstanding descriptive essay topics which may allow you show your writing skills in all their extent.

Experiences and History

  1. What is it like to travel in a plane for the first time? Have you experienced a flight yet? If you have, this may be a fascinating experience to describe in your essay from the beginning until the end of the flight..
  2. How did people live 100 years ago? Have you ever thought about how people's life has changed due to technological development? This is your opportunity to tell everybody what the lifestyle was a century ago.
  3. What was life like before TV was invented? We are used to watching TV every day but, how would life change is there wasn't such an invent?
  4. How did people use to communicate before the Internet? Do you know letters? What about telegrams? People had very different means of communicating before the Internet was operative. Almost all of them are still used in a lower rate than before.
  5. Could you imagine one day without electricity? From the very moment we wake up every day, our daily routine is surrounded by electric devices. Imagine how to survive one day without any electrical apparatus.

Science & technology

  1. How was the electricity discovered? There was a time when people didn't use electricity at all. But they knew something was going on up in the storm clouds. Do you know how electricity was first discovered and used for useful purposes?
  2. Do you know how a car works? Another every day's machine we are used to. Do you know when cars were invented?
  3. When and how did the dinosaurs vanished? This is one of the most fascinating mysteries of current science. There are some clues about what happened but the ultimate answer is yet to be found.
  4. How did the evolution of the human beings take place? Do you know that we share a lot of genes with apes? What made us so unique and how did that happened?
  5. What is a computer made of? Such an useful tool for almost anything we want to do at home. Could you tell how it works?

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