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How To Find A Good Question To Explore In Your Biology Essay

In your biology essay, you should demonstrate that you can formulate a focused question to explore. It should be manageable within the scope of the assignment and fit within the course field of study. Finding such a question can be difficult, but it is an important part of your work. A well-chosen study question will help you compose a strong argument and determine what kind of information you need to finish your paper.

What Suggestions to Consider While Formulating Your Biology Essay Question

The following suggestions will make the selection of your biology essay question a lot easier:

  • Select a subject that you are familiar with. You should understand the basic terms and concepts and know how to use its analysis tools.
  • Pick an analysis tool that you would like to use, e.g. statistics to analyze data from experiments, graphics to study animal specimens, inductive reasoning to interpret materials on microscope slides, etc.
  • Ask your academic advisor whether he or she has a list of sample biology essay topic ideas and questions to consider.
  • Look through some literary sources related to a chosen topic to ensure that you have enough material to answer your study question.
  • Avoid “Yes/No” questions, as they are often boring. It is recommended to focus on “How?” and “Why?” questions.
  • Make sure that you will be able to fully answer a chosen question in your paper or else consider to narrow it down.
  • Change the question if necessary. You should follow your research path and see where the evidence leads you.

How to Make Your Biology Essay Question Answerable

If you are not sure whether a chosen essay question is precise and answerable, you should consider the following guidelines. First, check if it compares or contrasts two or more things. For example, you can describe the photosynthesis process in the forest ecosystem and in the marine ecosystem and determine the similarities and differences.

Second, it is a good idea to analyze changes over a period of time. For instance, answer the question how the population of African elephants has changed in the past 100 years and why those effects took place.

Third, you can explore the cause/effect relationship between two events. One of the popular questions is how climate change and deforestation affects the tropical ecosystems in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

Many students select questions that allow them to study elements within the whole. For example, how different organic nutrients compose soil and what role they play in plant growth.

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