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One Influential Woman In History

One influential woman I would like to meet and talk to is ‘Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales’. Princess Diana was an iconic figure in the late period of the 20th Century. I intend to assert my reasons as to why she is the one influential woman in history I would have liked to get conversant. Princess Diana is admired to for her groundbreaking charity work. Her active involvement in charity work through influential campaigns around the world is the main reason I would like to talk to her.

Princess Diana is among the first very high profile individuals to be photographed with individuals suffering from AIDS. People afflicted with AIDS in the late 20th century were stigmatized by the society. Her various cases of the photos had a substantial influence in changing the publics’ attitude and feelings towards the disease.

Besides working on different charities relating to individuals afflicted with AIDS, Princess Diana also had committed campaigns against the use of landmines. In the course of her campaigns, she inspected the clearing of landmine while visiting the mine fields in Angola. Her support and role in this campaign was an important factor in inspiring Britain, and subsequently influencing other countries to decisively support the Ottawa Treaty. This treaty was sought to initiate a ban on the use of anti – personnel mines. She did save lives in due course of anti-landmine campaigns.

One would agree that Princess Diana was a very friendly and likeable person since she was compassionate to the poor and the suffering. She funded the support for young folks in prison. Her initiative on Palliative Care helped the suffering people to pass on with dignity through experiencing the least amount of pain. These activities portrayed her loving and caring nature. She once stated, “The worst illness of our time is that so many people have to suffer from never being loved.”

Princess Diana’s benevolent activities are standing proofs showing that good people exist in the contemporary world. She contradicts all the famous, royal, familiar and rich people who do not objectify visions of saving the world poor and hungry. She gave us a picture of the importance of compassion and kindheartedness towards one another.

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