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General Instructions For Composing An Excellent Humorous Essay

Follow these instructions to enable you to compose a most excellent humorous essay.

  • Don't Offend.
    • What some people find funny, others may not! A sense of humor is sometimes based in a person’s character; it may be embedded in their upbringing or any other aspect of life that defines their identity.
    • Never set out to humiliate, scorn or mock a person's, religion (belief system), integrity, skills, home life or their family. The list could be longer but essentially the message is know your audience.
  • What makes a humorous story?
    • Take the time to read some humorous writings. Compare the tactics and skills of at least two different writers. Try to analyze why you find the text funny. Is it because their work targets particular behaviors?
    • You need to ask yourself if writing humorous texts is an innate skill or is it something that a writer need to develop. Think about different styles of writing such as report writing or narrative. In what way do they differ? How are they achieved?
  • Trial Some Story Telling.
    • Start by telling a funny short story. A funny story is not necessarily a joke. A funny or humorous story does not necessarily have a punch line. Whilst telling the story think of the non-verbal skills that you are also using to get your point across to your audience.
    • When you tell a story in front of an audience even if it one or two people, you react to their reactions and you may choose to develop your story around their reactions. When you are writing you do not have firsthand experience this.
    • Now try writing that story. You may find that your writing closely resembles a narrative, in that you need to set the scene, as well as put your own spin on the situation. Do you

    Find that you are using the same or different language?

  • Know your audience
    • Who are you writing your essay for? Define your audience, will it just be your teacher or will the other students in your class get to read it too.
    • Relate to your audience. Are you going to write about an activity or experience that you all have shared? Will your work be a humorous slant on a game of football or shopping?
    • If in any doubt about the content of your work then run it past your teacher first before you start writing it.
    • Choose your vocab accordingly to your audience - you will not be able to appeal to everyone so decide early on who actually your audience is.

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