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How Do I Write A Decent Essay About DNA Technology?

One of the best ways to find out more about a chosen subject is to write a paper about it. That is why students are often given essay assignments. You will definitely learn more about DNA technologies if you compose a decent work about what DNA technologies are used in different areas today. The following guidelines will help you complete your assignment and impress your professor.

How to Write in Academic Essays: Important Advice

First of all, you should understand your assignment. It is important to keep the word limit and a paper’s structure in mind. For example, an extended essay is about 10 pages long while a typical five-paragraph assignment is usually 2 pages long.

You should conduct a literature survey and make sure to gather enough information to support your main idea, including recent publications, new statistics, and scholarly articles. It makes sense to ask your academic advisor what key references to use and where to find them.

Another important advice is to learn how to select a manageable topic because a DNA technology is a broad topic that you won’t be able to reveal in the scope of a short essay. On the Web, you will many useful tips and tricks on how to focus your writing and how to develop a unique idea.

What Typical Essay Structure to Use: The Three Main Parts

Writing about DNA technologies and related issues, you should structure your paper in a logical manner to make it reader-friendly. Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Present your research question, provide your main argument, and define key terms and concepts in the introduction.
  2. Create effective transitions to make your writing flow.
  3. Divide your essay into the sections with headings if necessary.
  4. Present a separate idea in each section.
  5. Ensure that all the provided points and data support your main argument.
  6. Analyze facts and data using scientific methods.
  7. Provide references to all the materials used.
  8. Summarize your key research findings in a conclusion section.
  9. Indicate unsolved problems and further research possibilities.
  10. Compose a list of works cited and format it according to the school’s requirements.

It is recommended that you write a detailed outline before you start writing your assignment. You may use an outline template to complete it faster. Remember to show it to your academic advisor, make sure to note his or her comments, and use them to improve the structure of your paper.

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