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Writing A Brilliant Literary Essay: The Essentials For Dummies

A literary essay can be difficult to write. There are two sectors of essays: the non-literary one and then the literary style essay. There are four different categories in the literary sector: the expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive style essay. These four different sectors can be used to tell about a literary piece. Use our essentials for dummies as you move toward writing a brilliant literary paper.

The Essentials for Dummies

  • Expository -this style relies heavily on the author’s opinion. An example might be the statement that the major theme in the play Julius Caesar is one of loneliness by choice. The writer would then need to support this explanation with quotes from Shakespeare’s tragedy, as well as statements and support from critics. Theme, symbols, motifs, and such would be good points to argue and then support from the piece you have selected.

  • Persuasive -in this style the writer relies heavily on persuasion techniques to convince the audience to think how she or he feels. There is much more research and more emotion in this style of essay. And example might be to state that the world’s best writer in history is Shakespeare.

  • Narrative -this paper is more personal as it is non-fiction. You might try to retell how a book has changed your life or changed your opinion on a specific subject. You tell a story, but there are messages delivered in the story. Those messages or lessons have to be reasonable.

  • Descriptive -this is the easiest one to write. You are merely describing a topic. You could describe the ocean in Old Man and the Sea or the battlefield in The Drummer Boy of Shiloh. Most new writers begin with the type of essay. This essential for dummies is important to remember. You can use similes, metaphors, and other devices in order to create the most brilliant description in this composition.

These four styles of writing, the expository form, the persuasive form, the narrative style, and the descriptive style could be used for subjects that have nothing to do with literature. But rarely does a piece dealing with a work such as a short story, poem, or novel come delivered in a form other than one of these four. The next time you seek to write a brilliant composition on a subject from literature, use our informative essentials for dummies tip list.

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