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Writing An Excellent Literary Essay On Papa's Parrot

Papa’s parrot is a short story by Cynthia Rylant's which was published in 1985 in the collection of Every Living Thing. It is a simple narrative with a strong message for teenagers as well as parents. If you were to compose a literary essay on the short story, you would have to read it several times and create an excellent summary. Not only you have to summarize the work but also give an objective evaluation of the techniques, theme, message and approach of the author. This requires you to have excellent critical thinking skills so that you can compose a great literary essay.

The main characters in the book are a young kid Harry Tillian and his father who is described by the author as fat and owned a candy shop. Below is a summary of the short story Papa’s parrot that you can use to create an excellent essay paper for your school or college.

As a kid, Harry was fond of his father and would stop by the shop often along with his friends after school. Mr. Tillian loved seeing the young kid around and was proud of his son. As the kid gets older, he prefers going to other places, plays video games with his friends, and rarely comes to see his father at the shop. In the meanwhile, Mr. Tillian gets himself a parrot and names him Rocky. One day Mr. Tillian passes away and Harry promises to look after the shop and the parrot. When Harry is cleaning up the shop he hears the parrot saying “where is harry”. The boy had totally forgotten the parrot and he cleans up his cage. The parrot again says “where is harry” “miss him.” This shocks the teen boy, as these were the words of his father picked up by the parrot. The boy finishes work and goes to see his father.

The short story is a narrative for kids in middle school and junior high school. This gives a strong message about the feelings kids face when the reach adolescence and tend to ignore their parents or feel embarrassed. Harry in the story Papa’s parrot is an example of how teens behave when they grow to middle school age. The story gives them a strong message to value what they have and give importance to their parents rather than regretting it later.

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