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Writing an Essay on a given Question: Suggestions from an Expert

There will be times that an essay request will be given to answer a question. So how to write an essay on a given question, is the topic here. The thing is, to examine the question, and see what is needed, and not. Many times a question given will have superfluous information, and this, although can be useful, is not needed. It can actually distract from the subject, and needs removed. So here are some tips on writing this type of essay.

  1. Extraction
  2. Plan and Outline
  3. Define your Answer
  4. Use Proper Terminology


Like was said in the opening, extract the superfluous information from the question. The best way is to highlight the important parts of the question, then rewrite the question without the extra information. If the question is not in a handout, then write the question on a blank piece of paper first. Study it and determine what is important, and what is not before highlighting. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but to have to rewrite the paper later, is much more unnecessary. Now you can use the question to develop your topic.

Plan and Outline

Study the cleaned question, and understand what is being asked. Then plan on what how you will address the answer. What will your topic be? What will you say regarding the question? These are important questions to ask yourself. As these are usually given in tests, you will only be able to use your notes, sometimes your text too, so these will be your only resources.

Make a quick outline of how you will address the answer, and what you plan to say, before you start writing.

Define your Answer

When you start writing, define your answer, make sure that what you say, is clear and purposeful. Make it concise. Direct your answer only to the question given, not the extra information, and nothing else. Attack the question solidly, and make clear statements, well written. Using proper grammar and spelling.

Use Proper Terminology

As was said earlier, these are usually given in tests, use correct terminology, and use them properly. Using proper terminology does two things for you; shows you have learned your studies, and reduces the total amount of words used, so you can say more. Your instructor is going to look at who can talk as professional as their studies have gotten them. The more professional you sound, the more it will look good on you.

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