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Useful Pointers For Writing A Personal Narrative Essay About Bullying

Personal narrative essays can be fun to write, especially when writing about a personal experience that is of particular interest to you. In most applications of this essay type, the writer is required to give details of a particular experience they may have shared or witnessed, trying to provide the reader with their personal understanding of the subject. One may use any literary device they feel best expresses their feelings and opinions on the experience.

The act of bullying may be a complicated issue for some and a very simple one for others because of the nature of the act itself. One sometimes does not realize they're being bullied until its too late to prevent it and even when they do realize, extenuating circumstances can often make it a difficult problem to solve. The following short points will provide you with a decent outline to guide you through your composition of a narrative essay on bullying:

  1. What is bullying
  2. How do you define the act of bullying considering that it is not limited to one bigger person taking advantage of a physically weaker one? How far can a person go before their actions become a crime so that law enforcement officers are able to step in and take action?

  3. What traits define a person as a bully?
  4. What are the necessary personality characteristics that allows or compels another person to impose their will onto another, regardless of the victims personal feelings?

  5. What type of people are likely to be bullied
  6. Does the victim have the ability to affect their likelihood of being bullied or is it completely out of their control? Should any fault be attached to the actions of the victim in the act of bullying?

  7. Are there any external factors involved?
  8. Aside from the people involved, is it possible that the environment has a significant role to play in the likelihood that bullying would take place in any particular location or situation? Are there any actions that can be taken by society as a whole that could make all forms of bullying more difficult to perpetuate?

  9. What can be done to prevent this type of violation?
  10. Considering all possible factors involved in bullying, are there any steps that both the individual and society can take to help prevent this act of violation? In cases where it already exists, are there any steps that can be taken to free victims from this situation when their physical as well as mental well being may be at risk?

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