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An Eye-Catching Synthesis Essay Example: How To Find One Effortlessly?

Finding a good synthesis essay example, or any essay example for that matter can be deceptively difficult. It can be a veritable nightmare if you are doing this for the first time. The reason is not unavailability of example essays; actually you will find quite an enormous number of them online; the problem is finding a really eye-catchingly good one! To find a great essay example, try the following:

  1. Advanced Search Options:
  2. Everyone knows where to go when in trouble. To use the Google genie with success, use the advance search option. Refine your search parameters to find better and more relevant results. For example, add the words “College Level” if you are a college student, define the area your topic comes from, and enter the word “free” if you do not want to pay.

  3. Look into professional sites:
  4. You are more likely to find a good example in places that deal with academic writing and composition on a professional basis. College and university websites can be good places to start. Other such avenues include academic writing sites and tutoring sites.

  5. Giveaways:
  6. Although good essay examples usually come for a fee, sometimes writing services and other websites related to language and writing offer examples for free. These are well-written essays and can be successfully used as samples.

  7. Composition Books:
  8. eBooks and REAL paper books on the subject include great examples with instructions on how to write an essay. You can find these books in your campus or local library.

  9. Talk to a teacher:
  10. Your teacher can be a good source of an excellent essay sample. Teachers can have access to essays written in the past that they rate highly. All you need is to approach a teacher and discuss your problem candidly. What’s more, teachers are generally enthusiastic about teaching, helping, and reaching out to their students.

Another good idea is to directly contact a writing service and ask about examples they may have. This will allow you a peak into the world of writing services in addition to finding a good essay sample. Another advantage of this approach is that you can always ask for more help if you need it at any point during the writing process. This help can be in the form of examples, instructions, an outline, notes, audio or video tutorial, or even doing your assignment for you!

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