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Finding Proper GED Essays Examples On The Web: Basic Tips

The GED is intended to test a student's academic ability. It is linked closely to high school standards, so students who pass the GED are given the equivalency of a high school diploma. Although most of this test is comprised of multiple-choice questions, some sections of it require essay writing.

  • How the GED Essay Works
  • Basically, there will be one writing section required for social studies as well as one essay for the reading and language arts content section. To succeed on these sections, the student must be able to write concise, clear papers. They must pick a main idea for the writing and support it in each paragraph. For the reading and language arts section, the student will be given 45 minutes to complete the extended response. For the social studies extended response, students are given just 25 minutes to write their paper.

    To pass the GED, students must get at least a minimum passing score on the essays. Presently, each test is scored by the Automated Scoring Engine (ASE). This engine is basically a software program that is intended to mimic how a human scorer would score the writing. Samples are still periodically graded by people to ensure quality, but most of the work is now done by machines.

  • >What Will the Prompt Be About?
  • There is no way to really know what the prompt will be on the GED. Each test has a different prompt, and the topics change from year to year. The best way to prepare for the test is to just practice writing on a variety of topics. Students can always look up examples online if they need a guide for writing their paper.

  • Get Help
  • It is almost impossible for a student to spot their own mistakes. Instead of continuing to repeat the same errors, students should ask a teacher or a knowledgeable friend to help them edit their writing. Some colleges include free GED study programs that can help students to edit their writing.

  • Find Examples Online
  • To find examples of different writing styles for the GED, students should start by looking online. There are hundreds of sites that cater exclusively to GED preparation. On any of these websites, students will be able to find examples for writing the GED. Other than online options, students can find some samples in their library. Many libraries will contain study guides and writing examples for the GED. Students can easily check these examples out of the library and use them for studying.

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