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Where To Find A Free Personal Narrative Essay Example: 5 Best Ideas

If you are writing a personal narrative essay it is important that you have resources on your side. The personal narrative a quite a unique paper in that it is more personal and intimate than any other paper. It is a chance for you to tell a story that relates directly to your life and your experiences. But writing the personal narrative essay can be tricky. And not all students can dive right in without hesitation. But that is where finding a free personal narrative essay example can come in handy.

So where should you look for a free personal narrative essay example?

  1. The first place you should look is your teacher.
  2. Your teacher will often provide a sample of the type of paper they are assigning and typically it is a copy of the work done by a previous student. If they did not give you a tangible copy you can always ask for one to take home and review before writing your paper.

  3. The second place you should look is your textbooks.
  4. Your textbooks may be able to supply you with samples which show you which elements of a story you need to include in your paper and what manner of presentation is best suited for this type of paper.

  5. The third place you should look is the school library and writing center.
  6. Your school library may have samples for free that you can take home. If your school has a writing center you can use it as another source for free samples.

  7. The fourth place you should look is the internet.
  8. The internet is a wild card resource. It is full of places where you can find narrative essays for free such as student blogs or file sharing sites or academic websites dedicated to writing tips and tricks for students. But it is up to you to vet the information you find and determine which resources are best suited for your needs.

  9. The fifth place you should look is a friend or classmate who has previously written this type of paper.
  10. If you know a friend who has taken the same class you are in before or you have an older sibling whom you trust you can ask them to provide you with a sample of the personal narrative that they have written in the past. This can give you some insight into the styles that they have used or perhaps even the type of story they told.

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