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Where To Find A Brilliant Example Of A Persuasive Essay

Writing a solid essay can be hard for students who are unaccustomed to essay writing. The type of style, format and argument needed for a persuasive essay is far different than a typical research or expository paper. To get started on writing the best persuasive essay, students should utilize online and offline resources.

  • What is a Persuasive Essay?
  • A persuasive essay is appropriately named: It is an essay that persuades. Basically, the student must take a point of view or a side of an argument. Throughout the essay, they will use research and data to back up their side of the argument. When the persuasive essay is well written, it demonstrates the writer's opinion and potentially convinces the reader to change their mind.

  • Finding Examples of a Persuasive Essay
  • Although the idea begin a persuasive essay seems fairly simple, it is harder to write about than it initially sounds like. For students who are stuck on writing this essay style, there are online and in classroom examples that can help. By reading through a sample of a persuasive essay, students can get a better idea of what is expected. Solid examples of persuasive essays can also help students learn how to build an argument and effectively marshal evidence. They also can be used as fodder for ideas about a potential thesis for the student's essay.

  • Offline Resources
  • Before checking online for examples, students should ask their professor or teacher for an example. Many teachers will actually go over several examples in class so that students have a clear idea about what to expect. If they do not offer an example in class, students can always ask their teacher at the end of class time or during office hours for a sample. Even if the teacher does not have a sample on hand, they may be able to suggest a book or website that contains a good example.

  • Online Options
  • The most popular way to find a brilliant example of a persuasive essay is to search the Internet. There are many websites that have full-text examples. These sites may also offer example topics and thesis statements. Students can visit these sites to find an example of the best persuasive essays. Although using the essay as an example is always a good idea, they should be careful not to inadvertently copy some of the text. If any of the example is unintentionally copied, the student could end up in trouble.

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