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Where Can I Find A Character Analysis Essay Rubric

Character analysis essays require writers to delve into the motives, the traits and the actions of the characters in a piece of work, usually fiction. This can be an exciting way to look at characters who have become familiar to you over time. To be honest, most people engage in an informal character analysis whenever they’re presented with characters, even on television. In order to do this in a more academically guided fashion, you should consult a rubric. Here are a few places where you might get one:

  • The person who will be correcting your essay
  • In the best case scenario, you request a rubric of your teacher and one is given back to you. Some people are even so fortunate as to never have to ask at all. The person who will be correcting the essay knows exactly what they want and the rubric they deliver should go into all the tiny details necessary to write your essay well.

  • A thorough search of the web
  • If your teacher is unable or unwilling to give you a rubric you still have options. Use whichever search engine appeals to you most and search for analysis essay rubrics. You can have several options in a matter of seconds. They won’t be as perfect as the one you would get from your teacher but they provide you with a great place to start.

  • A friend
  • You should have at least one friend in the class who naturally excels at writing. Most likely this is because they have amassed all the necessary tools including good rubrics. Ask to see their rubric and while you’re at it you can request some assistance in following the rubric. Some of these are more straightforward than others so be prepared to ask for additional help if it creates more questions in your mind than it answers.

  • A text book
  • Find a textbook devoted to essay writing. Many of these are full of rubrics. If you don’t own one already you can ask someone to borrow one or go to a library. Libraries give you free, legal access to copyrighted material without paying which makes them more useful than the internet in this case. If you have the money you can also consider buying this type of book because it tends to come in handy regularly.

If you absolutely cannot locate a rubric for this style of essay, consider locating a more general essay rubric and following it as closely as you think you should.

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