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Picking Up Successful Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Music

When it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay, it is important to write about topics that have similarities as well as differences. So with making the comparison, you are displaying both the similarities and differences between these two people, things, places, feelings, etc. The contrast aspect of the essay is emphasizing the difference between the two. A few tips on how to write this will be addressed as well as some possible topics that you could start with.

Tips for writing a compare and contrast essay

  • Choose a Topic
    • In this case, we are looking at music as the basic category. Select aspects of music that you want to write about keeping in mind that you should be able to write similarities and differences between the two subjects
    • Be specific
  • Brainstorm
    • Think about what these similarities and differences will be
    • Write them down. It will keep you organized
    • An outline here will also help in keeping you organized
  • Thesis statement
    • You can write this after looking for sources. But make sure the thesis statement correctly states what you are about to do
  • Find sources
    • You need sources that back up any claims that you make in the paper. Additionally, you need to find information that will help you make a better comparison between your subject matter
  • Write
    • After doing all the items mentioned above, begin writing
    • Be sure you are making a point and backing that up with the information that you found
    • Keep your audience in mind
    • Keep your writing style consistent throughout
    • After writing, edit your paper
    • Include references

Possible topics you can write about concerning music include:

  1. Blues vs. gospel music
  2. Mozart vs. Beethoven
  3. Classical music vs. Jazz
  4. Music in the 1920s vs. 1940s
  5. Music from different cultures
  6. Soundtrack composition vs. classical music
  7. Listening to music vs. reading music
  8. Listening to music vs. playing music
  9. Writing music vs. reading music
  10. Compare different instruments
  11. Piano vs. violin
  12. Trumpet vs. trombone

Writing an essay such as this takes some getting used to but following the tips will help. The suggested topics will help you start off thinking about other aspects of music you wish to compare and contrast. It can seem overwhelming at first, but it is doable.

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