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The Most Interesting High School Essay Topics On The Latest Innovations

The only thing students might find more interesting than writing about the innovations of the current year are those which are in the forecast for the near future. The last few decades have experienced an explosion of innovations in many areas, technology especially. It’s almost to the point where as soon as you go out and buy a new piece of technology and bring it home, it’s already outdated.

Look at predictions for future innovations for exciting high school essay topics

  • Autonomous cars that drive themselves in any weather conditions.
  • Agricultural drones. These can be used to improve crops and their treatments. It saves farmers from having to make frequent flights and gives details not available through satellite imagery.
  • Ultraprivate smartphones. This technology provides personal privacy not previously available. It encrypts voice calls, any file attachments as well as text messages. Potential eavesdroppers are prevented from listening in.
  • Brain mapping. For decades neuroscientists have been working to better understand the functions of the brain. A 3-dimensional atlas of the human brain has been developed. The resolution is 50 times better than all previous models. It includes thousands of cross-sections.
  • Neuromorphic chips. These are a morph between biological and man-made systems. They blend neurology into technologies such as smartphone chips.
  • 3-D Printing on a microscale level. This technology has many exciting applications. Current printers have limitations such as only being able to use plastic. New 3-D printer inks are being developed that have particular mechanical properties such as optical traits or electrical conductivity. Artificial organ creation is a possibility in the future.
  • Smart wind power and solar power. Integrating these two sources of renewable energy into the current power grid is one of the biggest challenges. Anticipating the inherent power fluctuations is becoming easier to predict.

When writing your high school essay, choose the topic that most interests you. One you can get excited about; this will help the process to be easier for you. Once you’ve chosen the topic, start the research phase. You will need to come up with an argument or thesis statement to base your work on. Then find 3-5 supporting topics that will help you to present your argument. These supporting topics should each have their own paragraph in your paper. Use an outline to keep your writing focused and make sure you don’t wander off onto a tangent that doesn’t belong in your paper.

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