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Composing A Great Nonfiction Narrative Essay

When it comes to storytelling, there will always be fiction and nonfiction. If you have been required to write a nonfiction narrative essay, it means you are expected to bring together the uniqueness of storytelling and certain true-life occurrences. If you are able to successfully enthral your target readers by making your factual story give them the fantasies association with fictions, then you are good to go. However, in order to achieve this level of success with writing such essays, you need to have a good understanding of certain techniques which are designed to help you transform true-life stories into great papers.

One good thing about writing a narrative essay is that apart from the interest generated by the chosen true-life event, the readers are also able to learn one or more things through the experience of the narrator. So, if you really want to narrate interesting and valuable essays, then you should take the following tips into consideration. They are as follows:

  • Proper Characterization: When you are writing a narrative essay, the people in your story become the characters in the paper. In order for your story to stand out and make the best impression on the minds of your readers, you have to be careful in choosing your characters, paying more attention to the most important people in the story. With this done, you then bring these characters to life through proper description and actions.
  • Making A Choice Of Location: If you really want your essays to pop, then you should understand the importance of maintaining very clear settings for your stories. Make sure your choice of location would making meaning to your readers and most importantly, tell them certain things about the characters in your paper.
  • Maintain Good Plot: Even though it is a nonfiction narrative essay, it is very important that you maintain a good plot. Make sure that the various actions or activities contained in your paper is related to the story and helps in weaving everything together.
  • Author’s Tone: There are various tones for various essays. If this particular story is personal, then you are related to the event and writing in the first person is required. If however, the story revolves around other characters, then writing in the third person tone is the right option. The tone you use determines where the readers’ focus would be.

Now you have helpful tips that would spur you on towards composing a great nonfiction narrative essay. Go ahead and show your instructors and other students what you can do, especially when it comes to composing essays.

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