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What Is The Basic Structure Of A Compare-And-Contrast Essay: Advice For Newbies

To write a good essay it take much more than a few days of work. More important than this, you need to be confident in your abilities and to be willing to do the best job that you are capable of. Many students write their papers because they have to, not knowing how to finish faster so they can move on and do something else. Well, with this attitude you will never accomplish something great. Here is how you can build a compare-and-contrast essay without too much effort:

  • Choose the topics wisely. In this kind of paper you have to compare two different elements that are somehow related. To compare a fruit with a closet is not exactly fine, but to compare two different educational styles is easy and interesting. The elements you choose must have a connection, some common points and, of course, some different points.

  • Make it fun. This is not an academic essay for mathematic, it’s supposed to be relaxed and fun. Therefore, stay away from complicated terms that no one can understand. You can make small jokes and use friendly expressions. Even more, to be sure that everyone who will read your piece will understand what you mean, use helping expressions. Analogies, definitions, anything that will make you confident that any reader you might have knows exactly what you want to say.

  • Make it even. You can not emphasize a common point then mention only the differences for the rest of your essay. It needs to be a balance between these two. The most simple way to obtain this is to mention one by one, one common point, then one difference and so on. In this way you will not stay and count every idea, and you can be sure that you did not miss anything.

  • Correct and proofread your paper. When you pay so much attention to the content, you might forget that the grammar and punctuation are also very important. When you have obvious mistakes, your professor will think that you were not serious in completing your assignment. After you corrected everything, the best thing to do is to ask one of your classmates to read your essay and give you feedback. A different perspective is very useful in this case, because he can notice many details that you missed.

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