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A List Of Easy Cause And Effect Essay Topics For High School Students

One type of essay that you may be asked to write about in high school is a cause and effect essay. These essays display the relationship between events. There are a few specific reasons why other things occur. For example, if you don’t study (cause), you will fail your test (effect). It describes the relationship where one thing is the direct result of another.

It is easy to confuse similar issues. One has to cause the other for it to be a cause and effect relationship. For the first topic idea listed below, you would determine some causes why your best friend has effected your life. What are some ways that they have effected you? Here is a list of some topic ideas to get you started on the right track.

  1. The effect of your best friend in your life
  2. The effects of cramming for the big test the night before
  3. The effects of pressure from peers
  4. What causes some kids to cheat?
  5. What caused you to choose your major?
  6. What causes reality television to become so popular?
  7. What effects do being involved in sports have on education?
  8. What effect does help at home with school work have on grades?
  9. What causes people to become emotional?
  10. What causes stress?
  11. What are the effects of car emissions on the atmosphere?
  12. Are there any long-term effects of being on welfare?
  13. How has your favorite book influenced you?
  14. Why are celebrities so influential?
  15. Why do you marry a person like your parent?

When choosing a topic to write about, you want to make sure that you choose something that you can think of at least three solid reasons to support your answer to the topic question. List three reasons how your favorite book has influenced you. If you can come up with three solid reasons than choose this topic. Each of your body paragraphs will explain one reason.

This list should get you thinking. You can choose one of these ideas or change it a little to make it your own. Maybe you have a movie that influenced your life rather than a book or maybe it was a speech or an assignment in school. There are a million ideas to choose from. Good luck finding yours.

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