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Helpful Hints On Writing An Essay About Business Structures

The term business structures deals with the different types of businesses (e.g., sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations) and the kind of tax return they are required to file to both the state and federal revenue services. It’s a highly complicated subject for most people but a common topic of discussion for tax preparers and accountants. Here are some helpful hints on writing a strong essay about business structures:

  • Choose a Topic and Narrow Your the Focus
  • Start by choose a topic that you feel comfortable writing about. It should be something you are interested in but something that hasn’t been discussed on several times over. The more original your topic the more enthusiastic you will be working on it.

  • Conduct Background and In-depth Research
  • Start by doing a little bit of background research. This can be done online where you can easily find the latest issues being discussed concerning your topic. Next do some academic research at the library. Use resources that are no older than three years. Take good notes so that you don’t have to return to find citation information.

  • Draft a Thesis and Create an Essay Outline
  • Create a thesis statement and outline to guide your writing. You don’t have to have a perfect thesis at this point, just something to give your paper some direction. It’s usually a good idea to make your outline as detailed as possible with each of your major discussion points followed by sub-points for each piece of evidence you plan on citing.

  • Write the First Business Structures Draft
  • Start writing as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Be sure to get all of your ideas down without stopping to make any corrections. Don’t concern yourself with finding the right words to express your thoughts, just keep going without getting distracted.

  • Set Your Work Aside Before Starting Revision
  • If you have followed your work plan you should have given yourself plenty of time to revise. When doing this be sure you do it attentively and very carefully. You should look for different ways to improve your business structures essay by removing content, adding content or rearranging content.

  • Edit and Proofread the Final Essay Draft
  • Finally, be certain to completely edit and proofread your paper before you and it in to your professor. This is extremely important as it could cost you a letter grade or two. Don’t rush through these activities. Do each one separately and with a careful and critical eye. If you need to, ask a friend to read the paper one more time to get a second pair of eyes.

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