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The Top 20 Essential Questions You Can Discuss In A Persuasive Essay

We all talk about the fine art of persuasion. It is the ability to convince somebody to do something we think would be in their best interest. Proper persuasion is not a threat; it is a coaxing effort. Many times a persuasive essay will address a given question and you are asked to provide arguments and opinions. Here are some of the questions you may want to consider as you develop the structure for a writing assignment involving persuasion.

  1. Should everybody recycle their garbage?
  2. Should gun owners worry about the Second Amendment?
  3. In a digital age are paper books really necessary?
  4. Can etiquette be considered a means of teaching values?
  5. Should parents be held legally responsible if their child is a bully?
  6. Should parents be fined if they refuse to vaccinate their children?
  7. Are two-parent incomes necessary?
  8. Should no-fault divorce be repealed?
  9. Should immigrants be required to learn English?
  10. Are video games antisocial?
  11. Is art education important?
  12. Are standardized tests important to learning process?
  13. Should married couples be fined for not having children?
  14. Should doctors be paid more than teachers?
  15. Would be better to have single gender schools?
  16. Are women capable of fighting on the front lines?
  17. Is it wrong for men to express their feelings?
  18. Are Contact Sports dangerous for emotional development?
  19. Is it right for nations to spy on each other?
  20. Is there any justification for war?

Once the question has been decided upon, you need to marshal your arguments to support your position. Persuasion is not forceful and you have to be careful in the selection of your words. This is a situation where gentle encouragement of one particular side ought to be used. It very easy in today’s society to be negative. Discussions on social media such as Facebook can become very bitter, with people accusing each other of ulterior motives. Persuasion requires not being aggressively personal with anyone.

Writing a persuasive essay is a challenge for the student. However, it is a good one as far as development of maturity is concerned. You cannot use loud arguments to get people to be inclined your point of view. Instead, diplomatic use of words can gradually bend a person towards your opinion. Persuasive essays do not insult. Doing an assignment that requires writing one of these compositions helps you develop dexterity with language by which you forgo violent or abrasive phrases and use gentle logic instead.

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