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Useful Advice On How To Write An Essay Using The Toulmin Model

If you are writing an argumentative essay, the Toulon model might be your best friend. What happens with most argumentative papers is that we lose track of how we’re presenting our arguments and what evidence we’ve provided in support of them. However, by using Toulon’s six elements - and marking them out in your paper - you will be able to see clearly if your arguments are valid and supported and if the paper reads well.

How to use the model

The easiest way is to mark out the six elements in your paper. Underline the sentences that have these elements, they can be used as many times and in any order as long as they make sense. If you can identify them in your work and the right order, then your work is a well-structured and presented argument. If any element is missing, you can easily edit and rearrange the format of your work.

What are the elements?

These are the six elements you should be looking out for in your own work; arrange them in a way so that they make logical sense.

  • Data/Grounds - The facts and evidence you have provided in your work that support your argument
  • Claim - The argument of your essay
  • Warrants - The sentences that link your Data/Grounds to your claim
  • Qualifiers - These are usually words or can also be sentenced that showcase how valid your claim is based on the Data/Grounds. These can even be something like statistics or results of studies etc.
  • Rebuttals - These are arguments to rebut any objections that could arise in the reader’s mind about your paper’s argument. So try and think of what your reader’s psyche will be when they read your paper and the unconscious objections that they may raise against your argument.
  • Backing Statements - These are something like Warrants, but don’t necessarily have to be based in facts or references, they should just be a statement supporting your warrant.

By using the Toulon model on an argumentative essay that you have already written, you will be able to discern whether your arguments are written well and have enough proof and backing for a reader to be convinced of the validity of your claims. Once you apply this model to your work, you will see what a major difference it makes to how authentic and believable your paper reads.

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