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Using Strong American Dream Essay Examples To Compose Your Own Paper

What you’ll find

If you struggle to start writing as much as I do, then let me give you a very simple piece of advice. Look at what other people have done. If you do an internet search for your topic, in this case The American Dream and you include the term essay you will receive search results that include essays written and published on the net. Some of these will be PDF or DOC files that you can download directly to your desktop. You will also find sites that are willing to sell you a complete essay, for research purposes only, for a fee ranging from a cost per page to a flat fee for the whole paper. You will also find sites willing to write your paper for you. Don’t do this.

  • First, it is very expensive.
  • Second, plagiarism is wrong and will get you into trouble.

If you download a paper from the net make sure that you cite the paper in your bibliography or works cited. There is nothing wrong with using someone else’s work to enrich your own as long as you give credit.

What you’ll look for

While looking at paper examples look for a paper that is on a topic you want to write about. Don’t spend time reading a document if you’re not going to use it to inspire your process or enrich your own work.

The American Dream is a huge topic. Ensure that the piece you are using has narrowed it down to something that will fit into your assignment’s requirements. Avoid anything that is too broad; you will get lost or crushed by the amount of information. Equally, avoid anything that is too narrow; you will find yourself frantically looking for more information in order to meet your word or page count.

Pay attention to the voice of the paper. Take note of the length of sentences, the word choice, and how the sentences are constructed. Adopting someone’s voice or style is completely acceptable as long as you use that voice to share your ideas and your work.

Remember, someone else’s work should only be one piece of the many pieces of research you use to craft your assignment. Information on any topic and the American Dream specifically, can be found in numerous places. Only use someone else’s essay as a guide.

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