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How To Create A Good Nature Vs Nurture Argumentative Essay

No one is naturally talented at writing. Even the best writers have spent years honing their voice and reading other books. Students who want to get top scores in their English classes need to be prepared to do the work. Since few people are naturally talented at writing, the best papers are normally created through hard work, effort and attention to detail.

Creating the Nature Versus Nurture Argumentative Essay

One of the common assignments handed out by teachers is the nature versus nurture essay. For this paper, students must pick a side of the argument that they believe in. They should figure out if they believe that human beings are more likely to be shaped by their environment or by their genetics. Once the student has decided which side that they want to argue, they must begin researching the topic thoroughly.

Finding the Best Research Materials

The quality of the student's research will greatly determine the grade that they ultimately receive on the assignment. If the student quotes random blog articles or editorials, they are unlikely to receive a high score. Instead, students should look for sources in academic journals, scientific magazines and class books. By using the best sources, students can great increase the quality of their writing.

Consider Opposing Arguments

There are always arguments that the other side can make in their favor. Instead of ignoring these arguments, students should address them in their writing. They should carefully consider the ways that the other side could dispute the student's arguments. With more logical arguments and research, students may be able to sway their reader to changing their opinion on the nature versus nurture debate.

Get Extra Proofreading Help

Most people are unable to edit their own writing. The writer's mind naturally sees the essay the way it was supposed be written instead of the way it is actually written. To proofread the paper, students should get a knowledgeable friend, classmate, tutor or teacher to do the editing job for them. With this additional help, the student can make sure that obvious errors are spotted and corrected.

Other than asking a friend for help, the student should also do their best to improve the editing. Students should set their essay aside for several days so that they can edit it with fresh eyes. Initially, the student should use a basic word program to check the paper for spelling and grammar errors. Afterward, the student should read their writing aloud to discover any awkward phrasing or logic problems.

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