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What It Takes To Write A Good School Essay About Global Warming

There are several factors that all add up to good essay writing. Here are the main points you should keep in mind as you begin your writing:

  1. Choose your topic carefully. You can’t build a great essay on a poorly focused topic. It can’t be too broad or you will never have a specific direction and you can’t thoroughly cover too broad of a topic. Make sure it’s interesting and fresh. It’s okay to use a popular topic, but put a unique slant or perspective on it. Find a creative angle.
  2. Do some brainstorming. Starting the writing process is often the most difficult part; doing a brainstorming session will help you pull out the strengths and weaknesses of your topic and give you an idea of where to begin your research.
  3. Conduct some really great research about global warming. If you are using a well-known topic within this field, then you will need to find a unique angle to explore. This step will really tell you if you have enough information to cover your topic and support it with sufficient evidence within the scope of your paper.
  4. Let the first draft flow out of what you’ve learned so far. Use the notes and information you’ve uncovered to create an outline which will help you know which direction your first draft should go. Don’t try to make your paper perfect at this stage. Just get the main ideas down into a logical format – the outline – and then start filling in the blanks – the first draft of your paper.
  5. Your essay should have three parts. The first is the introduction. It tells the reader what topic within the field of global warming you’re going to write about. The second part is the body and is usually made up of three or more paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own main idea along with examples and supporting evidence. Each main idea should support the topic given in the introduction.
  6. Be clear, specific and give details. Make sure everything you cover in your essay gives credence towards your main topic so that you don’t wander off track and your reader doesn’t wonder why you put that in your paper.
  7. Write your final draft. Use the first draft and clean up the spelling, grammar and punctuation. Read over it and make sure it sounds logical and has a good flow.

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