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List Of 20 Topics For Your Expository Essay About Environmental Science

An expository essay is a project, in which you render or explain certain information to your readers. Environmental science is one of the most suitable subjects for such a paper.

How to Come Up with a Great Expository Essay Topic

You can either develop a topic on your own or try to search for good ideas in diverse sources. If you are ready to think over a topic without any help, start with reading as much literature on the environmental science as you can.

If you would prefer having an idea from the Internet or another source, try searching for topic generators or resources of the same type. They can be a great help in such a situation. It’s also possible to search in diverse online databases that contain numerous samples of other students’ projects. You can find out that their topics are often very inspirational and interesting.

A List of Interesting Expository Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The importance and value of renewable energy sources in the world of today.
  2. The problem of waste utilization and the pollution of the environment.
  3. The way environmental sciences have developed and grown over the last decades.
  4. The problem of pollution of the environment. The main pollution factors and their prevention.
  5. The changes in the global climate. The factors that have led to it and ways to protect our biosphere.
  6. The environmental safety of the food we consume and agricultural actions the humanity uses.
  7. The growing human population and the problem of resource shortage.
  8. The main toxins that cause environmental pollution and their danger.
  9. The problem of endangered species. Can the growing human population have enough room in the environment without pushing them out?
  10. The essence and functions of ecosystems.
  11. The connection between the growing number of cars and the increase in pollution taxes.
  12. The idea of futuristic vehicles that are powered by renewable energy sources.
  13. The environmental programs set by the government, their goals and effectiveness.
  14. The part of the humanity in the changes the climate is currently surviving.
  15. The environmentally dangerous production of cheap goods.
  16. The problem of nuclear waste disposal. The safety and environmental friendliness of the current nuclear waste storages.
  17. The side effects of the nuclear power compared to its benefits.
  18. The usage of public transport as a step towards a cleaner environment.
  19. The essence of littering penalties and their sufficiency.
  20. The usefulness of shutting down the companies that provide the heaviest environmental pollution.

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