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Top 10 Pieces Of Advice On How To Compose A Great Art Analysis Essay

When writing an art analysis essay, you should explain what visual techniques are applied by the artist to communicate a specific message or create a certain impression. You should also remember the basics of academic writing and structure your paper properly. Namely, your piece of writing should consist of an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should also focus on one main idea, i.e. your thesis statement.

Types of Art Analysis Essays

  • An iconographic analysis.
  • Focus on the iconography of the artwork, i.e. the symbolism of images, the historical identity of figures, and the meaning of other visual elements.

  • A biographical analysis.
  • Explore biographical details from the artist’s life and analyze how they influenced the work.

  • An analysis of historical context.
  • Consider the social context and the artist’s patronage when analyzing the artwork.

  • A comparative analysis.
  • Compare two works by the same artist and focus on one of the aforementioned facets.

Tips on Creating a Strong Art Analysis Paper

  1. Consider your first impression.
  2. How did the work make you feel when you saw it first? It’s vital that you share your unprepared and immediate impressions because this is what the author really wants to communicate.

  3. Thoroughly analyze the work.
  4. You may focus on the following aspects: subject matter, age, dimensions, composition, technique, medium, etc. Read the assignment details to understand what specific areas should be covered.

  5. Consider your reaction to the work after a rigorous analysis.
  6. Did your first impression change? Why did your initial impressions become stronger or weaker?

  7. Consider the artist’s purpose.
  8. Why was this particular technique used? Why did the artist choose these colors or depict this scene? The answers to these questions will make your essay even stronger.

  9. Develop a strong thesis.
  10. Jot down your opinions of the artwork and unify them in a clear message.

  11. Share your assertions in separate body paragraphs.
  12. Choose at least three assertions supporting your thesis and provide them in the most effective order (e.g. from the weakest to the strongest one).

  13. Introduce your assertions in the topic sentences.
  14. Each body paragraph should start with an assertion.

  15. Provide enough evidence.
  16. Support your main points with credible details, e.g. examples, numbers, and your personal observations.

  17. Keep your audience in mind.
  18. Since it’s a school essay, it should be understandable for both your teacher and your classmates.

  19. Write in the present tense.
  20. While it’s normal to write about the artist’s life in the past, a description of the artwork should be done in the present.

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