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In Search Of Well-Written Illustration Essay Examples

Illustration essays might not be the most complex types of essays, but students can still benefit from having examples to use as templates. When students are new to writing a style of essay, a template can help make the process of crafting one much easier. Here are a few places to find a high quality, well-written illustration paper:

  • College writing labs: Most of the top schools have online writing labs to help their students with writing assignments. Since so many students come to college with limited writing skills, these labs are more helpful than any writing class can be, so schools have invested in making them useful and easy to navigate. The webmasters understand that students benefit from examples, so they have placed many well-written ones with tutorials on the sites.

  • For-profit writing websites: If your school does not have an online writing lab, you will need to look elsewhere for a sample. One of the top choices for students is the writing website. Even though these sites make money selling essays to students, you should not have to pay for an example. Most of the top sites have hundreds of free examples of every type of essay imaginable. The ones you find might not be as good as the ones you could find at a collegiate site, but they should still be useable. Just remember to never use any of the paper in your writing assignment, because if you can find the sample, so can your instructor and her plagiarism-checking program.

  • “How to Write” Websites: Since the word is out that websites can earn money, people have created websites about everything, including writing. You should be able to find a “how-to” website that will provide information about writing illustration papers and other types of essays. What you find might not provide the best information, but if you just need a sample, you should be able to find something useful.

  • Professional writing blogs: Writers love to write, which is why so many of them create and manage blogs about writing. Some writers will not only provide instruction on crafting essays, but some will also include samples with instructional tags. If you do find a blog that you can use, it is helpful for the blogger to share the site with other students. A good blog can be a real treasure and it should be shared so the blogger can benefit from having many views and advertising clicks.

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