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Writing Ideas: 5 Great Examples Of Introductions For Essays

  1. The book, There is no me without you, depicts a true story about an Ethiopian woman (Haregewoin) who takes it upon herself to take care of AIDS orphans. The book has three aspects that make it up. First, a very detailed history of the AIDS epidemic in Africa is portrayed. Second, the individual lives of some of the orphans are told as background information for their eventual placement with Haregewoin. Thirdly, the life of Haregewoin and her orphans is moved through sequentially, culminating in the eventual recognition of this strong woman and her resolve to make a difference.

  2. Blogging has become a way of becoming part of the global village. It is my belief that every single person and company should have a blog of some sort. This serves to record pertinent information, as well as to advise others on how to avoid or solve problems you’ve overcome. Blogging also connects us with each other in ways we never thought possible. Information can be gained at the click of a button like never before, and the internet is only getting bigger by the day.

  3. There are three popular views on how to train a dog effectively. The first is an old method that entails dominating the dog into submission. The second is a newer approach involving positive reinforcement into the dog’s behaviour. The third has been made famous by Cesar Milan who teaches that every dog owner should become a pack leader. Let’s look at which method is the best.

  4. A backyard vegetable garden has the potential to either become a headache, or a joy. Knowing some of the basics will prove to be a great help in maintaining a well established vegetable garden that can sustain you and your family. These basics include how to plant certain types of vegetables, when to plant them, which plants should be planted together, which plants should be planted as good companions to vegetables, and how harvesting should take place.

  5. People have always thought of eating fat as a main culprit in their weight gain. However, more and more studies are showing that weight gain is more of a sugar consumption problem than a fat consumption one. In fact, studies are also showing that cutting fat out of your diet is both unnecessary and dangerous.

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