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Writing An Essay Based On An Interview With A Politician

There are many essay genres, and each of them have its own peculiarities. If you need to compose a paper in one of these genres, you’d better start with finding out what these peculiarities mean. That is, if you need to choose a genre on your own, remember one thing: you’re better off composing a conventional and simple paper that will be interesting, catchy, and totally brilliant instead of sweating over an unknown genre and producing something weak and uninteresting in the end.

So, if you do need to compose an essay that is based on an interview with a politician, you definitely should concentrate on the interview first.

  • Determine the subject of your interview. Make sure that you are going to ask things that lie within the competence of the chosen politician and that you don’t have to turn to several more specialists in the matter.
  • Study previous interviews. Find out what was asked, how it was asked and what the goal was. Determine the strong sides of that experience and use them for your own benefit. Try to avoid both overly complicated, long questions and overly short ones that demand a “yes” or a “no” with no extra explanation.
  • Make sure that you will have an opportunity to edit the text with the questioned politician. It’s a very important matter for an official person who should monitor every word that is said or written.

With all the aforementioned done, you need to get down to the writing, which can demand a lot of your time and effort.

  • Begin with determining the format of the text. This is usually done by a teacher. Still, if you are free to make your own choice, choose something among the available narrative format, conversational format, or a question-and-answer format.
  • Create a detailed outline. Re-read or re-listen to the interview to determine the main points and create a strong logical structure. Find out whether the five-paragraph structure works for your project, too.
  • Compose a thesis statement that will let your readers know the essence of the paper. Make sure it’s precise and short, and is relevant to the rest of the paper.
  • Compose the body of your paper. As an interview is a process in real time and with a real person, the text may contain numerous repetitions, unclear constructions, useless phrases, etc. Your goal is not to convey the text word-to-word. Your goal is to compose an interesting, informative, logically bound text that conveys the main idea of the interview, without distorting its sense.

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