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How To Improve Your Writing Skills, Creating A Perfect Essay

Becoming a great essay writer is not something that will happen over night. Being able to write fantastic essays every time you are assigned one takes years of practice. In fact, even professional writers are not perfect. The difference between professional writers and student writers however, is that professional writers know how to make their writing better. They do this by working from outlines, reading plenty of examples, and devoted plenty of time to the proofreading and editing process. These are just a few ways that anyone can improve their writing abilities, and for students- a way to improve essay grades.

  1. Always work from an outline
  2. Amateur writers often feel that using an outline is a waste of time. On the contrary using an outline can actually save you time during the writing process. Instead of thinking of the outline as “just another thing that you HAVE to do” try thinking of it as a part of the writing process where you organize and plan your ideas out.

    The benefits of using an outline include: having a more concise paper, having a paper with a better narrative structure, having a paper that is more focused, and having a paper that is easy to follow and doesn’t run to long. These are all incentives to begin using an outline today!

  3. Read plenty of examples
  4. Another way to master the essay writing process, believe it or not, is to read plenty of examples. These examples don’t always have to be written by experts. Instead, read a wide variety of academic essay examples that have been evaluated at all levels. Doing this, will give a better sense of what a great essay looks like. It will also help you understand what makes some essays stand out more than others.

  5. Save time for editing
  6. The last piece of advice that all students’ writers should take to heart is to leave plenty of time for proofreading and editing. Never make the mistake of assuming that you have written a perfect essay in the first draft. Instead, give yourself at least an entire day before the deadline to re-evaluate your paper and proofread it. If you have the opportunity, have someone else read it and give you notes. Doing this habitually, will help to improve your writing dramatically. We highly recommend that all students take more time for editing their work because it also helps them avoid careless errors.

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