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Composing A Winning Exploratory Essay In English Literature

If you are into composing an exploratory essay, you need to remember that it will be totally different from an argumentative essay and, basically, different from any other essay you may have already written. Instead of persuading an audience about some thesis, you are supposed to speak about a problem and, possibly come to preliminary conclusions on ways of solving the problem.

Students usually have to compose exploratory essays when their tutors want them to learn something new without anybody’s help. The very name of exploratory essay suggests the idea of getting through a completely new territory. Such essays are quite often assigned in English literature, where students are expected to do independent research on literature works of all types on their own.

Some people find exploratory essays a real challenge due to a lot of independent studying. while others learn better this way. In any case, to compose a winning exploratory essay in English literature, consider the three main elements that make it complete and informative:

  1. Introduction.
  2. In the introduction, you are supposed to give the audience an idea of the problem and the importance of the research. You can give some information that is connected to ways of solving the problem effectively as well.

  3. Body paragraphs.
  4. In this part of your exploratory essay, you inform the audience on the process of working with sources of information that relate to the identified problem. At best, you should give each source attention in a particular way. Provide the audience with the name and author of the source, show the important information you have found there, explain the importance of this information, and do a small reflection on how the source has or has not changed your point of view, moved you in a certain direction, etc.

  5. Conclusions.
  6. This part naturally has a ring of the introduction, as in the beginning you have established goals and in the conclusion you show how you have or have not reached them. It is absolutely normal if you still have questions after having completed your research. In the conclusion of your winning exploratory essay in English literature, you can give attention to these questions, the further research you will have to do to find answers, and the importance of all the work that you have done in the course of working over the problem.

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